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Create a Dark Room and chat undercover
Light a candle if curious to know who is who
Room lights up if they agree. Fair for everybody
Browse through the secrets published by your friends
Enjoy the offence-free public posts controlled by the DarkChat reviewers
Break free, relax and share your quiet secrets loudly in public
Chat with your friends. Instant Messaging with group chat
Add friends instantly through Facebook, DarkChat directory or Contact list
Most amazingly, express your ideas with memes generated right inside the chat room!


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If you can hold a pencil
You can prototype your idea in minutes
With Phototapper
Draw on paper
Use Phototapper to snap and link pages
Share web link with your clients
Get feedback from clients
Use markers right on the web page to visually illustrate the idea
Receieve immediate notification on receiving feedback

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John Doe

We are a team of 4 architects too busy thinking, designing, building and shipping. Now we are working on a crazy shit that can make all the software architects feel sexy.

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