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mobile, cloud, desktop or enterprise - we've got you covered.

Mobile, UX & Visual Design

We build mobile apps targetting iOS, Android or Windows platforms. Exceptional user experience is a hallmark of bytters products, and a distinguishing feature of our most successful apps built for iOS and Android. We combine design and technology in creative, compelling and powerful ways to to build polished, engaging, and intuitive apps that your customers need.

Backend & Cloud Integration

AWS, App Engine or Windows Azure, we apply our hard learned lessons to build your next kickass app. Scaling real-time social graphs (connectivity between people, places, and things) is hard. Why would social networking sites be any more challenging to scale than traditional web sites? Talk to us and find out how we designed our apps for scalability.

Finance & Enterprise Mobility

Microsoft.NET or Java, you are in good company with us. Our engineers at bytters are uniquely positioned to leverage on thier decades of experience in building enterprise applications. We built softwares in diverse technology and desciplines - high availability and scalable production architecture, Web Security (Simple/2FA), APM, Cloud integration, Software release management, LOB applications, simple desktop applications.


some of our work

Marina (code name)

Animate your idea


chat undercover


prototype on paper


We took rough rides

  • 2012-2013

    Passionate beginning

    We tinker, build, break, hack, launch. Started with passion. This was our very first iOS learning attempt. Never even paused since then.

  • January 2013

    Agency was born

    Bytters was incorporated in Singapore. As an early stage startup we attract like-minded geeks around the workplace. Started to get more serious about building apps targetting iOS.

  • January 2014

    Going social

    We introduced controlled anonymity with Darkchat. It was a huge success with lots of active users. The chat app was built with highly scalable backend powered by google infrastructure. We added secret wall for people to share secrets anonymously.

  • August 2014

    Darkchat Android

    We saw surpringly huge interest globally among the youth as our users started to grow exponentially! Darkchat android scheduled to be launched late 2014.

  • September 2014


    Bytters accepts multiple client projects both enterprise and mobile. With our unique position to offer enterprise mobility solutions working with corporates respecting standard policies and high levels of confidentiality.

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